Jetsprints due back at Tauranga’s Baypark Stadium in January

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Tauranga’s highly successful jetsprints will be back in 2018, with organisers securing the event for at least three years and planning for the event long-term.

The Enzed 2018 Jetsprints Stadium Cup has been confirmed for Baypark Stadium on January 27, after a one-year break because of concerns over the infield racetrack, which had been resolved.

Organisers say they had secured the event for a couple of months but could not reveal details until now as final plans were being confirmed.

The event has always been held over Auckland Anniversary weekend and will continue to do so to fit in with the jetsprint calendar. It will consist of a five-hour day and night show and is expected to attract a large crowd of local residents and visitors.

Event director Pip Minnell said about 15,000 people attended the last event and, with about 58 per cent of attendees coming from out of town, there was a massive economic benefit to Tauranga.

She said the event had a budget of $500,000, which was predominantly spent locally, also boosting the economy.

Mrs Minnell said the jetsprints event catered for the whole family and she encouraged all members of the public to support it in January.

Bay Venues commercial manager Ervin McSweeney and event director Pip Minnell are excited the jetsprints will be back in 2018. Photo/George NovakBay Venues commercial manager Ervin McSweeney said it was a “big task to turn a field into a waterway” but they had successfully done it three times so knew what to expect.

“We’re well aware of the work that needs to be done,” Mr McSweeney said.

Mr McSweeney said the jetsprint event was high-quality and entertaining event that Tauranga had taken ownership of.

He said they had an agreement with New Zealand Jetsprint Association that they would get to host the event for at least three years but he and Mrs Minnell had long-term goals to keep it in the city, which could include adding new aspects, improving entertainment, looking at new crafts and inviting celebrities too as a way to give it even more appeal.

New Zealand Jetsprint Association president Leighton Minnell said everyone involved loved coming to Tauranga.

“As the jetsprint fraternity goes we see the Baypark venue as the Holy Grail of the sport,” Mr Minnell said.

He said all the drivers were excited to be coming back to Tauranga and expected next year’s one to feature the regular “crashes and racing” and be just as successful as previous events.

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The Enzed 2018 Jet Sprints Stadium Cup:
Scheduled for January 27, 2018
At Baypark Stadium
Attracts crowds of 15,000
Tracks will be 4m wide and 500cm deep
Takes about nine days to set up for the event.


– NZ Herald, Bay of Plenty Times

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